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Travel adventure, love story and tragicomedy, Exposure is about wanting too much, choosing too little, and how a person can spend three weeks solid in Los Angeles buying a sleeping bag.

Joel Magarey’s life would be fine if not for one thing – his brain.
Prey to strange compulsions and grandiose visions, 25-year-old Joel abandons Australia, his job in journalism and his girlfriend, the wise and tender Penny, and sets off on the global journey of his dreams.

Those dreams hadn’t included nearly drowning in Alaska, setting fire to his tent on the Bolivian altiplano or terrifying a Korean family with a highway panic attack. Fantasies spring to life in an Ecuadorean sexual paradise, while in a remote Zimbabwean village Joel finds a tentative peace. But memories keep pulling him back toward Penny – just as she is slipping away. Read more.

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here is a wordsmith at work...
Exposure is a carefully wrought masterpiece.

Link magazine

the experience will be unique...You won't put this down...
The Daily Telegraph

intensely human, brutally honest, often touching and a paean
to the enduring value of a journey of self-discovery

The Age

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' If travel tales turn you on, your cup will overflow. If you love literature you will rejoice in the power voice gives to a novel.'

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