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Radio..... Listen to radio presenter and New Inventors host James O'Loghlin's in-depth interview with Joel about Exposure and OCD on ABC Sydney 702. Part 1 here. Part 2 here.

Radio..... Compass host and Radio National broadcaster Geraldine Doogue interviews Joel about Exposure on RN's Saturday Extra program here.

Radio..... Jon Faine and co-host Sian Prior interview Joel on ABC Radio 774's Conversation Hour here – trimmed to remove a spoiler giving away the ending.

Print..... The Adelaide Advertiser's extract of Exposure, 'Cold Fear' - recounting one of the worst kayaking expeditions Alaska had ever seen, undertaken by Joel and an American he'd only just met - is here.

Online..... Joel writes for The Punch on risk-taking, physical
and emotional exposure and mental illness here.

Online..... Hackpacker George Dunford interviews Joel here.

Online..... Read Joel's guest-blog on the Boomerang Books website.

Online..... There's a profile of Joel on the RMIT website here.

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Print..... Joel writes for The Age about the unexpected consequences of having a tell-all memoir published here.

Print..... Check out the cool feature by Kelly Eng
about Joel and Exposure in The Big Issue here.