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Joel Magarey as a speaker.... The story of how Joel went on extremely risky travel adventures at the same time as suffering from compulsive obsessive disorder makes for anecdotes that are both interesting and hilarious. Exposure also describes a perilous navigation of love, commitment and freedom and explores themes of desire and fear and the illusions they can create.

Joel has spoken widely on these and other topics at universities, libraries, book groups, clubs, educational seminars organised by ARCVic and for a range of other audiences. If you would like to book Joel as a speaker please see the contact page.

Talk.... On 30 May 2010, Joel spoke about dealing with and writing about fear, suffering and death at the Emerging Writers Festival panel 'Going to a Dark Place'. Read his talk here.

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Overseas Sale.....

Korean Exposure is due out in 2011.

Exposure is to be published in Korea, with Wakefield Press having sold the translation rights to Korean publishing house Sigma Books.