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' This appears to be just another travel book written by a young
journalist who leaves his girlfriend to see the world and find himself. But it is obvious the experience will be unique when it is revealed he suffers from obsessive compulsive disorder. Verdict: You won’t put this down until Joel makes it back to Australia
in one piece.'
Daily Telegraph


‘I write this review just moments after finishing the book, and really, I’m aching from it. Joel Magarey has just taken me on an adventure - around the world, through illness and through love… Magarey’s journey is raw, honest and contemporary… an enjoyable book for anyone to read, full of both internal and physical adventures – insightfully, beautifully, simply written.’

‘very funny…a lot of fun’Geraldine Doogue, Radio National

‘ … sheer poetry … almost terrifying honesty … It is both a ripping yarn and a psychological investigation … more akin to Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance than On the Road. It is odd, and is utterly fascinating.’
The West Australian

'Magarey is a brave and driven — you could say foolhardy — traveller. And this is very exposed writing: revealing, rindless, self-critical, scarifying, for all its self-deprecating comedy ... You want to wish him luck, but at the same time you don't want to see his Dostoevskian energy, his way of listening to the pulse of the universe dissipate, or grow less passionate, or committed.'
Morag Fraser, Eureka Street

‘ …unsparing, gentle, curious and deeply sympathetic … at the end we have a language for something that we didn’t know before … ’
Peter Bishop, Varuna Writers House Blog

‘So alive and so seemingly effortlessly compiled that the
reader may need reminding that here is a wordsmith at work ….  A carefully wrought masterpiece …. in an endearingly heroic mould.’

Link magazine

‘[Magarey’s] words lift everything out of the ordinary …. 
If travel tales turn you on, your cup will overflow. If you love literature you will rejoice in the power voice gives to a novel.
If you are curious about OCD you will put the book down shaken but much, much wiser. Whatever else, Exposure is still sure to resonate somewhere with everyone.’
M/C Reviews

‘…Joel Magarey doesn’t pull any punches as he recounts the mental demons that pursue him as he journeys to far-flung corners of the world. From the Alaskan ice, to the desert of Bolivia, village life in Zimbabwe, and back to Adelaide, Exposure is an unflinchingly honest account of a complicated search for meaning and belonging…’
The Advertiser

'Though the "left-field autobiography" genre threatens to drown us faster than rising sea levels, there are the occasional brief glimpses of true originality, and Joel Magarey's travelogue is one such.’
The Adelaide Review

‘[The book] describes adventures that sane people would never attempt — heading down a freezing stream in a leaky kayak in Alaska in autumn, clambering across glaciers and trying to climb ice-covered mountains in winter. It also gives wonderful insights into travelling in exotic places such as Papua New Guinea, Honduras, Peru, Zimbabwe and Guatemala. But at its heart it is a tormented love story and a story about growing up … the result is intensely human, brutally honest, often touching and a paean to the enduring value of a journey of self-discovery.’
– Bruce Elder, the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age

'a fascinating journey’ James O’Loghlin, ABC Radio Sydney

'a very funny book in parts and a thoroughly enjoyable read.'
Ann Creber, ABC Radio Melbourne

'Both funny and poignant … Magarey writes beautifully and compellingly … I’m sure it won’t be the last we see from him.’
PS News

‘it's likely you'll read his story as compulsively as the narrator
doles out advice to himself and money to others.’

Perceptive Traveller

‘[An] epic travel story… [Magarey] manages to pull it off
with a rare honesty about his actions and the reasons behind them… ’
Merge magazine

‘…once you start you won’t stop… why do we need another book? The answer to that is in this book… a truly original voice for the human condition … It’s poignant, it’s humanly rich, it’s not cheap and it’s comic without going for cheap laughs. It’s a wonderful book.’
Michael McGirr

‘A striking and substantial book, at once compelling,
scary, delightfully comic and moving.’

Tom Shapcott

‘The misadventures of the young Joel, erotic and otherwise,
during an odyssey to some of the remoter corners of the world,
are related with wry honesty.’

J.M. Coetzee

‘An extraordinary story…compelling ... combines fine travel writing with a personal journey to self-knowledge. Joel Magarey's writing is wry, honest, amusing and evocative.’
Eva Hornung