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Short Fiction and poetry
‘The Australian Males Rules American Football Dream’, Cordite, Issue 26, July 2007
‘Infidelity’, Cordite, Issue 26, July 2007
‘Poetry’, Antipodes, Volume 20, No. 2, December 2006
‘Will,’ Quadrant, January-February 2006.
‘Nikanor’, Overland, Vol. 183, 2006.
‘The Little Book of Days’, Famous Reporter 29, 2004
‘Questions for Narcissus,’ Slope, Issue 11-12, July-October 2001
‘Bedroom at four a.m.’ Slope, ibid.
‘Holy Rite’ Slope, ibid.

‘Shadows at Dawn’, Friendly St Reader 24, March 2000.

‘She Has Taken Off Her Armour’, ibid.
‘Between’, Southerly, No 3, 2000.
‘Dear Santa’, Centoria, No 8, 2000.
‘The Key of Release’, Painted Words, Wakefield Press, 1999.
‘Alignment’, Meanjin, Vol 58, No 4, 1999.
‘bike chain’, Quadrant, November 1999.
‘Love Cycle’ SideWaLK 4, 1999.
‘Life’, Hermes, Vol 15, 1999.
‘A Moon’s Adieu’, SideWaLK 3, 1999.
‘Wishing on Ants’, SideWaLK 2, 1999.
‘Love Machine’, Redoubt 27, 1998.

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