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Short Fiction and poetry (continued)
‘The Roads Not Chosen’, Southern Review, Vol 31, No 2, 1998
‘You May Be Gone But I’ve Still Got Friends’, ibid.

‘Lunarity’, fourW nine, 1998.
‘Call’, Friendly St 22, 1998.
‘Caught in the Cat’, Moggy: A Feline Anthology, Kelluca Publishing, 1998.

‘Things with Africa’ The Adelaide Review, Issue 337, March 14-27 2008.
‘Altiplano’, The Adelaide Review, Issue 327, October 12–25 2007.
News stories and feature articles, The Advertiser (Adelaide), 1990–1994.

Awards and Commendations
Highly commended runner-up, R. Carlson Gold Short Story Competition, 2004
High Commendation, C.J. Dennis Poetry Award (Laura Folk Festival) 1998
First Prize, Animalia Literary Awards, 1997
Bundey Prize for English Verse 1989

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